Magnetic signatures of the interaction between Europa and Jupiter’s magnetosphere during the Juno flyby

Published in Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Science, Space Physics, 2024

Recommended citation: 1. Cao, X., X. Chu, S. Hsu, H. Cao, W. Sun, L. Liuzzo, J. Halekas, C. Paty, F. Chu, O. Agiwal, L. W. Blum, F. Crary, I. J. Cohen, P. Delamere, M. Hofstadter, G. Hospodarsky, J. Cooper, P. Kollmann, E. Kronberg, W. Kurth, L. Lamy, D. Lin, W. Li, X. Ma, D. Malaspina, M. Morooka, T. Nordheim, F. Postberg, A. Poppe, R. Cartwright, S. Ruhunusiri, K. Soderlund, J. O’donoghue and F. Plaschke (2024), Science Return of Probing Magnetospheric Systems of Ice Giants, Front. Astron. Space Sci. Sec. Space Physics, 11, doi:10.3389/fspas.2024.120370.